March for Science and Life

Public Service Announcements
Date: Saturday, 22nd April 2017 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Place: Caldwell Park  |  City: Pocatello, United States

March for Science and Life - Earth Day April 22 Idaho's Leap Forward in Ethical Science Behavior This is the March for Sciece as truth with ethics, the sharing and telling the truth, the unrestricted dissemination of information into the public domain, and thereby NOT engaging in fake news, misiformation, cover-up, and Do Not Tell polices. Marching from each High School and Idaho State University to Caldwell Park, Pocatello. A march in solidarity with the March for Science and Life, as well as the other sister marches that are forming around the globe. Please note that the current time, 10am-4pm is a placeholder. We will announce an actual time somewhere down the road. Mission Statement "THE MARCH FOR SCIENCE AND LIFE CHAMPIONS PUBLICLY FUNDED AND PUBLICLY COMMUNICATED SCIENCE AS A PILLAR OF HUMAN FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, AND HUMAN DIGNITY. WE UNITE AS A DIVERSE, NONPARTISAN GROUP IN SUPPORT OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY, TO SECURE AND ENACT EVIDENCE-BASED ETHICAL POLICIES IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST." Diversity In the past days and presently, scientists have voiced concern over many issues - gag orders for government science agencies, funding freezes, reversing science based policies, and endangering the health, safety, and well being of our citizens. We recognize that these changes will differently and disproportionately affect minority scientists, science advocates, whistle blowers, and the global communities impacted by these changes in American policies. Addressing these issues is imperative in understanding how recent developments will affect all people - not simply the most privileged among us. We take seriously your concerns that for this march to be meaningful, we must accept the envolvement and diversity of the march's organizers by welcoming at all levels of planning such that all entities and concerned groups are equally able to participate in the this great educational endeavor. Diversity must also be reflected in the march itself - both through the mission statement and those who participate. At the March for Science and Life, we are committed to highlighting, standing in solidarity with, and acting as allies with black, Latin, Asian and Pacific Islander, indigenous, Muslim, non-Christian, non-religious, women, people with disabilities, poor, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, non-binary, agender, and intersex scientists and science advocates. We must work to make science and scientific information available to everyone and encourage individuals of all backgrounds to pursue science and education careers. It is a diverse union of converned scientists which produces increasingly diverse research, and broadens, strengthens, and enriches scientific inquiry, and therefore, our understanding of the world.


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  • Saturday, 22nd April 2017 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM