2017 Bills Christmas Lights Run Tour

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Date: Thursday, 7th December 2017 06:45 PM - 08:45 PM

Venue: idaho falls  |  City: Idaho Falls, United States

Most know that Gray loves Christmas and likes Christmas lights even more...... yep he's one of those.... he's already listening to Christmas music and working on house lights in hopes his neighborhood will win this year. Some time ago now while Gray was traveling across the candy cane forest and through the mountains of Christmas cheer he realized that viewing Christmas lights while running was very possibly the most effective way to maximize the experience. Add in free stuff, giveaways, and hot chocolate and cookies and the experience became a Christmas spirit explosion. With this in mind we started the Light Run Tour. Join us December 7th at 6:45 to go on a 3-5 mile run that will take your through the cities best lit neighborhood. The location is dertermined and announced a few days before after Gray and his expert team of elfs use and extremely complicated algorithim and a hefty amount hot chocolate to score the areas and determine the best! The first 200 runners to rsvp and attend will recieve a special gift..... (to be announced after Thanksgiving) we then will run enjoy and end with some delicious cookies and hot chocolate.


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Idaho Falls
ID, United States




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  • Thursday, 7th December 2017 06:45 PM - 08:45 PM