Self Divining and Muscle Testing Workshop

Training Class
Date: Saturday, 20th May 2017 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

Venue: Healing Hands Reiki & Massage  |  City: Idaho Falls, United States

This workshop was a great success in Lava Hot Springs and we had many inquiries for doing the workshop in Idaho Falls... SO I AM!!!! ?????? COME JOIN US! I have recently discovered that many individuals either; do not know how to muscle test or they do not trust their own divining. This is a very important skill to be able to use on a regular basis! In this workshop I will be teaching multiple different ways on how to divine for your higher good according to Creator's will. Then I will also help and testing if it is accurate and the best way for you to utilize. I will also have out our product and be giving short explanation and demonstrations on what each one is and what it is beneficial for. Some of the people coming for the workshop will be live testimonies for the products that they have already purchased. Any inquiries will be answered. ALSO, if you have children that are old enough to understand what we will be doing, you are more than welcome to bring them and have them participate in the workshop! As I said, I think this is a very important tool for each and every individual. Especially our young generation to learn and grow with. Looking forward to seeing you all! Sending my love, light and blessings to each and everyone of you brothers and sisters! This is an event with a suggested donation of $10.


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  • Saturday, 20th May 2017 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM